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John Lennon Imagine

Willy Wonka

Mark I Endoskeleton

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Jack Burton
Big Trouble in Little China
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The Tick
The Tick
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Arthur Everest
The Tick
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Gandalf the Grey
The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
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Bringing Pop Culture Figures to Life

Molecule8 is comprised of a diverse team of highly creative and talented artists, designers, sculptors, and engineers, who are dedicated to delivering the finest detail, craftsmanship, and realism for limited edition collectible figures.

Our passion drives us. Our perfectionism defines us. Our results differentiate us. From our anatomically excellent, stainless steel Endoskeleton to the soft, life-like skin on our John Lennon 1:6 scale figure—we never stop innovating.

Whether you’re a avid action figure collector, or someone who wants an artistic touch point for remembering your favorite character, you can count on Molecule8 to transcend the current market offerings in collectible figures.

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Our Artistic Process

Our artists use their talents to hand sculpt or digitally create each figure with meticulous detail and accuracy. The mold making and casting process is used to reproduce the original clay model exactly. Multiple subtle painted layers are then delicately applied to the newly molded, miniature heads, giving our figures their life-like appearance. We welcome you to visit our artists’ biographies  to learn more about their individual areas of expertise.

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