The Mark I Endoskeleton

Stainless Steel Elegance

“A triumph in Biomechanical Artistry”

At the core of Molecule8’s collectibles revolution is the 1:6 scale Mark I Endoskeleton, now available separately as a full standalone work of art.

Featuring stainless steel construction and mechanically elegant lines and form, the Mark I Endoskeleton features high fidelity articulation, cutting edge design, and a themed display case with LED illuminated components.

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What’s Inside

The Mark I Endoskeleton 1:6 Scale Figure

The Mark I Endoskeleton Figure
  • Stainless steel material
  • Anatomical accuracy
  • Designed to emulate human movement
  • High quality custom stand
  • Unique display pod with LED light elements
  • A Molecule8 online exclusive
  • The first 1,000 are sequentially numbered

In Development

Current Progress